This is a fabulous app that not only encourages communication, storytelling, and imagination but also provides and educational insight into basic coding and sequencing.


My Storybook Pirate – Interactive Book Creator

My Storybook Pirate is an interactive book creator for children in pirate theme. There are not any in-app purchases or advertising, parents can be assured that children to play this App alone. Although we encourage parents to play with your children together.

The delightful and colorful graphics were carefully designed especially for children.

With this App, children can create their unique characters, scenarios, and make amazing stories. It combines traditional stickers drag and drops book creator with a properly designed code module system which introduces endless possibilities for storytelling. So children can not only make a good looking scenario as most book creators do but also be able to interactive freely with the characters and items inside the scenario while playing their story. This App is ideal for ages 5 to 11. For younger children, this is a simple dress up and scenario making game; but for advanced children, it is an object-oriented programming learning tool, a properly interactive book creator. There are also some ‘hidden’ interactable objects in the backgrounds and library to surprise your children.

The code module system needs a little time for children to get used to at the beginning. We recommend watching the tutorial videos on our YouTube channel to get the best idea of how to work with the code sequence and get the result you want.

The learning outcomes:

Communication Skills
Engagement and Usability
Creative Development
Thinking & Reasoning

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